The Melting Pot: The World In Your Kitchen

Today, we live in a Melting Pot of global cuisine. This cookbook is written for those who want to cook the authentic recipes that make up our modern multi-cultural diet, but avoid getting lost on their journey of discovery. The Melting Pot captures the colourful voice of a generation who have grown up with two strong culinary influences in their homes; mothers of foreign origin and modern metro-living. With more than 130 easy to follow recipes from mouth-watering snacks, simple suppers to festive feasts accompanied by history, hints and tips this is a cook book for the truly Epicurious! To pre-order your copies go to

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm thrilled with the reviews The Melting Pot has had so far:

Katie Samuel
Celebrity writer for Closer

Nadia is hot stuff, the new Nigella with more street cred. They say you learn something new every day and when I picked up The Melting Pot I learnt more in twenty minutes than I have ever learnt from any other recipe book – engaging, charming and fun to read, not forgetting absolutely delicious recipes for all occasions, this is the must have book for everyone who thinks of themselves as ‘worldly’.

Helen Jean Tillott
Food economist/ writer and co author of Gordon Ramsay Cook Books

“As soon as I saw the first draft of this book I knew it was a winner. A real cook book written by a talented food writer. Through her eyes and taste buds Nadia has given us a real sense of who we are in Britain today.Taking you on a journey of discovery into the heart of Britain, the family kitchen, Nadia has captured the smells, atmosphere, unique heritage and family values of our multi cultural nation. This book should be the catalyst to a true cookery revolution. By comprehending the origin of the food of Britain today I believe we are on the road to being taken seriously as a nation of cooks, and moving on to the next playing field.. Pizza with chips might yet be forgotten.”

Matthew Kemp
Director Underground Catering Company and Ex chef River Café/The Ivy:

“I have long believed that learning about foods, experimenting and developing your own senses by ‘cooking to touch’ are the key to success in the kitchen and The Melting Pot is spot-on on all accounts. Informative, exciting and intuitive this is the sort of book that would make even the most kitchen shy punter want to cook something new – and with Nadia’s simple instructions and helpful advice they would always be successful!”

Look out for reviews in Reveal and Star Magazine on 28th November 2006.