The Melting Pot: The World In Your Kitchen

Today, we live in a Melting Pot of global cuisine. This cookbook is written for those who want to cook the authentic recipes that make up our modern multi-cultural diet, but avoid getting lost on their journey of discovery. The Melting Pot captures the colourful voice of a generation who have grown up with two strong culinary influences in their homes; mothers of foreign origin and modern metro-living. With more than 130 easy to follow recipes from mouth-watering snacks, simple suppers to festive feasts accompanied by history, hints and tips this is a cook book for the truly Epicurious! To pre-order your copies go to

Monday, December 11, 2006


Check me out on Food Uncut, UKTV Food Friday 8th December. I'm making Ethiopian festive food as an alternative to stiff and formal Christmas foods. It's all about getting back to the spirit of Christmas, sitting with your friends and family and sharing time together over some tasty but not necessarily complicated food. The recipes for Doro Wat, Ayib be Gomen and Injera are on the Food Uncut website: